Since 8th grade, I have had the great pleasure of being a part of something bigger than myself by joining the football team. For me, there is nothing better than the feeling of anticipation while warming up on a Friday night during the season and watching the stands fill with familiar faces.

The opportunity of being the first person in my family to play college football has as always been a dream of mine. I’m a great asset to any team because I am a coachable and dedicated player. I appreciate and take great pride in the amount of hard work it takes to create a great team.

For four seasons, I’ve had the privilege of coaching special needs soccer players through a local volunteer program called Topsoccer. The gift of working with these amazing kids has taught me to appreciate the small things that most people take for granted. As I was inspired by my older brothers to excel in kicking and academics, I now return the favor by mentoring the kickers in the grades below me and coaching aspiring young athletes.

My current academic interests include history, law, intelligence and possibly education.  My AP History teachers have inspired me to think about a career in Law or Government. The combination of studying what I love, while also being a part of a great football team would be the perfect college experience.

Awards and School Information

Listed below are my current GPA, Awards I’ve Won and other information related to my studies and athletics.